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What is BIOSOFT?

Biosoft is a joint laboratory between LAAS-CNRS and Innopsys Company. The focus of this new lab is the industrial development of soft lithography processes for the democratization of in vitro diagnosis (IVD) based on molecular assays. Based on recent technologies investigated in the Engineering in Life Science Applications (ELiA - ex NBS) research team of LAAS-CNRS and innovative equipment designed and produced by Innopsys, the joint lab hosts an instrumental platform enabling to develop dedicated biochips at low cost for molecularizing point of care medicine.













Biosoft platform is also an open-lab, located inside a dedicated room of LAAS laboratory where all interested end-users (academics or industrial) can come for assessing if BIOSOFT methods can meet their needs. On demand investigations for developing a new process, a new diagnostic kit, for testing our equipment of soft-lithography, for producing prototypes and pre-series of diagnostic devices can be implemented freely.


Early diagnosis of cancers, early quantification of circulating biomarkers, cancer therapy follow-up, allergy diagnosis, food and environmental analysis are the main markets targeted by BIOSOFT technologies. Technological developments of molecular printing, microfluidics and optical biodetection are the core of the research carried out by BIOSOFT members coming either from the academic lab or Innopsys company.