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Innostamp Highlights

L. Malpartida, E. Trevisiol, C. Vieu, J-C. Cau,   "Reproducibility of automated protein microcontact printing with Innostamp40", Innopsys Application Note, 2019.  PDF

A. Lagraulet, J. Foncy, B. Berteloite, A. Esteve, M. Blatche, L. Malaquin and C. Vieu, "InnoStamp 40™ and InnoScan 1100AL™: a complete automated platform for microstructured cell arrays", Nature Methods, vol. 12, no. 9, p. i-iii, 2015. PDF

J. Foncy, A. Estève, A. Degache, C. Colin, J. Cau, L. Malaquin, C. Vieu and E. Trévisiol, "Fabrication of Biomolecule Microarrays for Cell Immobilization Using Automated Microcontact Printing", Methods in Molecular Biology, pp. 83-95, 2018. Abstract

J. Cau, "Effect of pattern size and pitch for the immobilization of cancer cells on biochemically-patterned glass slides fabricated with the InnoStamp40", Innopsys Application Note, 2014. PDF

J. Cau, "Printing of biochemically-patterned slides with the InnoStamp40® for deterministic cell immobilization", Innopsys Application Note, 2017. PDF

Fredonnet, J. Foncy, J. Cau, C. Séverac, J. François and E. Trévisiol, "Automated and Multiplexed Soft Lithography for the Production of Low-Density DNA Microarrays", Microarrays, vol. 5, no. 4, p. 25, 2016. PDF

J. Cau, L. Ludovic, N. Marie, L. Adriana and P. Vincent, "Magnetic field assisted microcontact printing: A new concept of fully automated and calibrated process", Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 110, pp. 207-214, 2013.  PDF


Special Inking Process

J. Foncy, A. Estève, A. Degache, C. Colin, X. Dollat, J. Cau, C. Vieu, E. Trévisiol and L. Malaquin, "Dynamic inking of large-scale stamps for multiplexed microcontact printing and fabrication of cell microarrays", PLOS ONE, vol. 13, no. 8, p. e0202531, 2018. PDF

H. Cayron, B. Berteloite, C. Vieu, V. Paveau, J. Cau and A. Cerf, "Controlled deposition and multi-layer architecturing of single biomolecules using automated directed capillary assembly and nano-contact printing processes", Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 135, pp. 1-6, 2015. PDF

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Microcontact printing

J. Foncy, J-C Cau, C. Bartual-Murguia JM. François, E. Trévisiol and C. Sévérac, Comparison of polyurethane and epoxy resist master mold for nanoscale soft lithography, Microelectronic Engineering, V.100, p.183-187, 2013.  PDF

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J. Chalmeau, C. Thibault and C. Vieu, "Self-aligned patterns of multiple biomolecules printed in one step", Applied Physics Letters, Volume 93, 2008. Abstract