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Multiplexed microfluidics stamp inking

Micro-contact printing is a versatile technique for patterning biomolecules on a large range of substrate materials at lab scale. Nevertheless, it is not yet widespread at an industrial level due to the difficulty in the automation of the various steps of the technique. Among these issues, the control of the inking of the stamp in an automated and multiplexed format still requires dedicated investigations.

Inking by microfluidics

Here, we propose to achieve this step through a new microfluidic approach that enables both integration in an automated commercial system and possible patterning with different molecular species (multiplexing). Compared to other inking methods based on direct incubation or droplet deposition, microfluidics provides many advantages regarding the control of the flow rates, injection time and reduction of the sample volumes. Overall it offers a gain in reproducibility that is highly desirable in most bioanalytical processes. Indeed the quantity of molecules deposited inside each feature turns out to be more controlled as compared to conventional manual inking and printing.