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Automated soft lithography

Automated MicroContact Printing, Uniform Micro and NanoPatterning

Innostamp.png Soft lithography is one of the main parts of the BIOSOFT toolbox and more specially the   microcontact printing. For that, BIOSOFT has a fully automated microcontact printer named InnoStamp40.

Combining microcontact printing flexibility and high-precision automation, the InnoStamp 40 is perfect for nano and micropatterning. A user-friendly system, the InnoStamp 40 allows users to control their processing in order to transfer a wide range of components homogeneously onto defined surfaces.

As a new fully automated microcontact printing solution, the InnoStamp 40 offers high-precision and uniform contact for sub-micron resolution.

 Automation by Magnetic force

The InnoStamp 40 is a microcontact printing device based on magnetic technology . The magnetic field is used in two manners:

  • First of all, a magnetic head handles a magnetic stamp by loading and unloading it throughout the entire microcontact printing process (loading, inking, drying, alignment, printing, cleaning, unloading).
  • Secondly, strong magnets at the bottom of printing area apply a precise and homogeneous pressure on the magnetic stamp during the printing step in order to transfer nanoobjects onto the surface according to its specific patterns.

innostamp1          innostamp3

InnoStamp40 and InnoScan1100 : a complete plateform to fabricate and read fluorescent patterns

The complete platform for NanoBiotechnology applications is composed of InnoStamp40 and InnoScan1100. It combines a fully automated microcontact printer and a fluorescence scanner.


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